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Well hello. So how are things are things going? Would love to tell you that training is going super well, but not 100% true. It doesn’t help that when we need to really start churning out the miles and it is the build up to Christmas! We are however both confident that will get there eventually. One thing we have learnt from the last year or so is that if you miss one training session, (might have to whisper) it is not the end of the world. The issues come when you start missing 2/3+, which we are aiming not to do. All these events are seriously physically demanding, but the vast majority of what gets you through it, is you top two inches (mental strength), so as long as you feel strong mentally, that is half the battle.

We are both confident in our ability to get the job done so to speak, so having an extra drink or mince pie over the Christmas period will not be too harmful, it will just make the training in the new year slightly tougher! I mentioned training not going super well, but it is still going, which is the main thing. Is not much fun getting up early when it’s cold, or going out when it is raining, but it is key we do this now, as we need to get the miles in the legs. At the moment training is a mix of getting in the gym to strengthen the body up and regular runs, with the aim of at least one long run a week.

It has been nice getting out there and going for a run. One of the benefits of the bike training was it got you out of London and exploring the surrounding areas. With the running, we are not yet at the mileage that would get us properly out of London, but it is equally as enjoyable. Going about our day to day lives we are all bad at not really looking up and appreciating what is around us. I will admit there are times whilst running around the big smoke that I struggle to look up, given I’m nakard, but you are able to appreciate parts/views of London you don’t often see, which makes it a bit less painful.

We are both going to enjoy the Christmas period but we do have the joys of the Dover Coastal marathon shortly after the New Year to look forward to!!! I expect that might not be hugely fun, but should be a useful experience to understand everything from whether we can in fact run that far, how to fuel ourselves during event, hydration levels etc.. We will be sure to film it all, so you can see how horrible it really is.

Before I end, should say a massive good luck to everyone taking part in the Talikser Whisky Atlantic Challenge this year! The race was delayed slightly due to the weather, but the teams have now set off! Below is cool video which has some of the build up:

Cannot believe how quickly the last year has gone, and we cannot wait for two years’ time when it will be us!!! If you are keen to keep track of this years race, check out the TWAC website:

Next year looks like it will be another crazy one with the MdS and the challenge of raising both money for us to complete all our challenges as well as money for our two amazing charities. I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far! We have still got a long way to go and your support is truly appreciated, so please do stick with us and keep spreading the Saddle Sand Sea love!

Have an awesome Christmas and catch you in the New Year!

Team SSS

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