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7 days in: Getting into the rhythm...

Hello everyone,

Hope you're feeling nice & festive! Strange to think that while many of us are looking forward to a weekend cozied up in front of the fire watching Christmas films, Seamus & Paddy continue to brave the treacherous Atlantic.

We’re happy to announce we’ve just received our second update direct from the boat, and the boys are still going strong! Despite sounding a little weary (only to be expected), they are being incredibly positive. Luckily, the original seasickness has passed and they’re both doing really well and settling into the rhythm of two hours on, two hours off. Their bottoms are a bit sore (ouch!) but they are cutting holes in their seats, which is helping, apparently!

We also found out that in the first 48 hours, they had an issue with their watermaker, and had to call someone in the UK to get some advice on sorting it out. Thankfully, Paddy successfully fixed it, and since then it’s been relatively plain sailing!

Seamus enjoying one of the many awesome sunsets

As we updated you on in the first blog post, the waves are still HUGE. In Seamus’s words: “We just need to trust in the boat and that it can handle these conditions.” Luckily, no reports of man overboard just yet - despite a few near misses.

The great news is that the long, tiring days have meant they’re both sleeping really well. The nighttime views also sound incredible - it’s so dark, there is no moon and the shooting stars sounds like a sight to behold!

Be sure to donate to their Virgin Money Giving page, where they're raising money for two awesome charities:

Watch this space. #SaddleSandSea

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