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Powering through the grind stage...

Hello everyone,

So the boys are now 17 days into their epic Atlantic row, and doing an incredible job! As we write, they are currently 3rd in pairs with just under 1500 nautical miles to go.

Luckily, they still managed to get into the Christmas spirit last week - despite the limited resources! - with some help from a bottle of bubbly. And Paddy, following his Christmas tradition, didn't take his Christmas hat off all Christmas Day!

Paddy wearing his Christmas hat
Christmas on the boat

According to the guys, it's been a fairly eventful few days since Christmas. The swell really picked up again, only to drop off almost completely over the last 24 hours, which gave them a chance to clean off the sea life clinging to the bottom of their boat and sort other "boat admin".

They also had a pod of dolphins leaping from the waves following them (unfortunately they didn't manage to get it on camera). Apparently, they've also had a bird following them the whole way, to which they commented: "We are convinced it is our loved ones saying hello to us."

The bird following the boys

Of course, it's starting to get really tough out there, knowing how far they still have to go. This is very much the grind stage. It's quite common for them to wake up for their 2 hour shift at 3am and feel like they've only been asleep for all of 3 minutes. However, they sound more determined than ever to get safely to Antigua.

They want everyone to know that your lovely messages have been so brilliant to read and they are so grateful for your support! They also want to wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Watch this space! #SaddleSandSea

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