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Past the halfway mark!

Hello everyone,

We've just received our first proper update from the boys since New Year, and despite the obvious challenges, we're pleased to report that things are going pretty smoothly.

The guys had a big lull just before New Year, but it seems as though trade winds are coming back and helping them increase their mileage, which is great to hear. As we write this, the boys have racked up an impressive 1658 nautical miles (NM), with under 1000 NM to go. Over halfway there!

Race tracker

Over the past few days, their hard work and determination has enabled them to shave an impressive five days off their expected arrival time in Antigua. This has also massively boosted their morale, so it's great to hear that they're in good spirits. It's not surprising that the thought of each day less in the boat is a huge incentive for them to keep pushing ahead as quickly as possible!

Of course, the challenge really pushes you mentally as well as phsyically, and they are starting to feel the mental strain, despite the recent morale boost. However, they've been in a similar position before having completed two epic challenges (Race Across Europe & Marathon des Sables), so we are positive that they'll continue to encourage one another as they focus on getting to the finish line.


The thing spurring them on right now is some advice from Seamus's dad just before they departed from La Gomera: "concentrate". As long as they concentrate and get through each session safely, they will eventually get there!

In other news, the boys also had a 12ft shark following the boat recently, which they describe as a mixture of terrifying and awesome. We're just glad they're safe!

Finally, they want to thank everyone for their kind messages and donations, which is a huge encouragement to them. Watch this space! #SaddleSandSea

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