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Our Awesome Patrons

Sir Steve Redgrave - five times Olympic Gold Medalist

"Paddy and Seamus, wishing you the best of luck with your Saddle Sand Sea Challenge and fantastic to hear you are raising funds for two great charities.


Each discipline on its own will require great courage, skill, strength and a depth of training, but to put them all together is an epic journey. Good luck; Achieve your Dreams"

Sophie Radcliffe - Endurance & Adventure Athlete

"Wow! What an awesome set of challenges, both physically and mentally!! You have to be somewhat crazy to even try one of those events, so to put them all together is epic. I wish Paddy and Seamus the best of luck with their Saddle Sand Sea challenge and am sure they will be able to absolutely nail it!"

Ed Stafford - Guinness World Record-holding first man to walk the Amazon

"Sand Saddle Sea is not for the faint-hearted. If Paddy and Seamus complete all three legs they will truly have achieved something extraordinary together - pushing the very boundaries of human endeavour. I wish them both all the luck in the world."

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