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First update from the boat...

Hello everyone,

We're delighted to share with you the first updates from Seamus & Paddy since they set off from La Gomera last week.

It may only be Day 4 of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, but the boys are doing an amazing job! In their own words, “the first few days have been pretty rough”, but they’ve managed to give it their all & push through. Unfortunately, Seamus had terrible seasickness in the first 36 hours after setting off, and couldn't keep any water or food down. The great news is that he’s feeling much better now. Paddy was also really impressed, saying “it’s unbelievable how he managed to keep going, and put in some awesome shifts”. Well done Seamus!

They describe the routine as "relentless", and they’ve experienced some pretty wild weather already. The picture below is one that Seamus took today of one of the big waves they’ve had to face. It was pretty scary at first but it sounds like they’re getting used to them! The night shifts sound pretty tough too - apparently, it’s almost impossible to see anything so they end up guessing where waves are coming from.

Facing up to big waves!

However, on the upside, they’ve had some pretty epic views. Last night, they said the stars were “insane” and there was an amazing glow in the water every time the oars touched the water. They've also witnessed some beautiful sunsets (pictured below). We're pleased to hear that they’re starting to get a bit more used to boat life. They may only be four days in (which they describe as somewhat daunting), but they’re both super determined to get to the other side.

Seamus enjoying the sunset

They’re still heading on a southerly route but hope to pick up the trade winds. They should be heading west in the next few days, which they’re both looking forward to! Watch this space. #SaddleSandSea

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