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Bring on the next challenge!!

So we have had a month or so off since the Race Across Europe and have been settling back into normal life quite happily, but no rest for the wicked, so bring on the next challenge! We in fact have two major challenges coming up.

Firstly we have the obvious one, the Marathon des Sables, which will talk about later. The other challenge which is potentially even tougher, is getting sponsors to help us get to the start lines of these events.

We have already put a significant amount of our own money into Saddle Sand Sea, but is now time where we need some external sponsors to really drive it forward. We are in the process of sending out a load of letters along with our flyer, in the hope that some people will be keen to support us. We are hoping the fact that we have put this whole crazy thing together ourselves and that once completed, we will be the first people EVER to have done all these events, will really help us.

Is much like training, we just need to keep plugging away and trust that we will eventually get there. That said, we need all the support we can get, so TELL EVERYONE AND ANYONE ABOUT US! You never know who might overhear and want to help us. Our aim is to raise a substantial amount of money for our charities, but to be able to do this, we need sponsors help.

Anyway back to the other pressing issue, the Marathon des Sables. So the first week of April is not that far away at all!! 20 weeks to be precise!! If you're interested to see what we signed up for, check out this video:

We are now back into training, and starting to obsess about all the various bits of kit. We were kindly sent a training programme by our awesome trainer Rich ( which included a cheeky little fitness test, just to make sure we hadn’t lost too much of our fitness since the cycling. As some of you might have seen on Instagram, it was not much fun!

It was rather horrible but is great to know roughly where we are and what we need to do between now and April. We are both very aware though that this will be a rather painful period of life. A lot of running a long way, in the glorious British weather! To this end, we have signed ourselves up for a marathon along the Dover coast in January, to make sure we are on track, which could be quite interesting! Watch this space!

We do however have some things to look forward to, in just over a week we have the MdS expo, which will give us a chance to get some great hints/tips about how to go about everything from packing, picking kit, nutrition etc.. It will also give us a great opportunity to tell a few more people about what we are doing, which is always a good thing!

Given we are now back into the full swing of things, we will be sure to keep you updated with all our goings on through the blog, Instagram, facebook etc….

As always, thanks for getting this far, if you know ANYONE who might be able to help us in our quest of gaining a sponsor, please do let us know and be more than happy to send some additional information.

Best wishes,

Team SSS

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