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We Need Your Support - Spread The Word!!

So I got back from a 100 mile bike ride today and to say I was smug having done about 50 miles of it before most people get up was an understatement. I can assure you though that this quickly subsided and the pain kicked in hard at about the 75 mile mark, putting me firmly back into my place. Is scary how quickly you can drop off the cliff so to speak, but is all about getting miles in the legs, is not long until we are doing this for real in our first event!!

Alongside this, life continues on at the same pace as before. We are frantically trying to sort everything out for these massive challenges. Fortunately I have had a couple weeks off work, as I am in between jobs, but have still managed to fill the days with speaking to potential sponsors, organising events, finalising designs for promotional flyers and other things such as that.

Things seem to have been progressing in the right direction which is great. I went off to the offices of the team at Bounce to talk through a number of different things which was great. They are a super cool team and have amazing offices. We are working on a few potential options at the moment, which is awesome and we looking forward to letting you guys know about them.

Very excitingly we also received some new gadgets since our last blog. The guys at Nikon sent us a couple of cameras to ensure we are able to get some awesome pictures of our challenges. This will also mean we are able to start doing some proper video blogs in the future, so look forward to seeing our lovely faces talking about how we are getting on.

Nikon also very kindly put us on one of their photography courses (, which was super useful and should further help us document all that we are doing. It won’t make us David Bailey, but should help us get some cool pictures.

Our main aim for the time being (alongside training and getting sponsors on board to help fund the project) is to really build out our social media platform, so we can reach out to as many people as possible. In a bid to help this, we recruited my niece to drum up support – SADDLE SAND SEA NEEDS YOU!

She may only be 18 months, but she has a mean grip and sharp nails, so you do not want to get on her bad side! If you haven’t liked/followed us already, please use the links below to get to our pages, or face the repercussions…:

It is all about building support so we can show sponsors the potential of Saddle Sand Sea, so tell your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Colleagues and anyone else about us and get them to go on to our pages!

We are also in the process of putting together a launch event which we are VERY excited about. It will be a chance to really show you guys what we are planning to do, and also have a little party before the first challenge. We will be sending details out about this shortly, so keep posted. For those with hectic social calanders, please pencil in the evening of 7th August, more to be revealed in time....

Many thanks for reading this far. Lets hope the next few weeks are as productive as the last!

Best wishes

Team SSS

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