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Trip to the seaside

Hello Saddle Sand Seaers!

Another quick update on how things are progressing our end, with the first of the three challenges, the Race Across Europe, only several months away now…

Since our last update, Seamus was lucky enough to spend some holiday time in Brazil, soaking up some sun but also squeezing in a few beach training runs too; not only running on sand, but also the 30 degree heat really hammered home how tough the MdS is going to be...

We have both got massive inspiration from all the runners in this year’s MdS, which took place just a few weeks ago, especially the seemingly indestructible 71 year old Sir Ranulph Fiennes; as the incredible Sean Conway just wrote on his blog while running the length of Britain, ”no matter how impossible it seems, if you really push yourself, anything can happen”- we both now cannot wait for the first challenge to get underway.

As ever, the commitments from work have put a lot of pressure on our training regimes, but we are both managing to fit in the sessions, whether it be before or after work, early morning or night. We know the training we put in now will pay dividends when things get really tough during the challenges so we are both grinning and bearing it, along with having to take down a few more cups of coffee at the office!

For training on the bike, to try and make sure we are putting in the hours and the miles during the week, we have been spending some long and boring periods in our living rooms sat on the dreaded turbo trainer; Game of Thrones, Suits and House of Cards has definitely been a saviour during these sessions! Any suggestions of what to watch or listen to would be greatly appreciated.

We have also started to put in some longer rides outside to test all the gym work we have done to date. This weekend saw us trek off to Brighton in the search of some decent stretches of road, a couple of big hills and of course fish and chips at the end of it!

We set of early on Saturday and started to work our way through the miles. It is always frustrating grinding your way from traffic light to traffic light as you try to get out of London, but then you break free and come across some great little roads. The route took us through some really nice little villages and despite the overcast weather the views did not disappoint. The gym is great to build up strength and endurance but is so much better getting out into the elements and actually seeing the world whizz past as you go.

The one main challenge of the ride was the infamous Ditchling Beacon. A lot of people had mentioned it to us and said some rather unsavoury comments about it, so we were somewhat nervous about it. We were not 100% where on the route it was, but the ever increasing number of middle aged men on bikes made it abundantly clear that it was coming up. All I can say it did not disappoint, and the aforementioned comments are deserved! Puts trying to cross the Alps into perspective, but its all about putting in the ground work now!

Was good to start building the confidence with trip to Brighton. The next few weeks and months will all be about getting on the bike and exploring the roads the UK has to offer.

We also have some longer 100 mile Saturday and Sunday back to back rides planned for late May, early June, which seem fairly daunting at this stage but we will have to get used to doing fairly easily by the end of August! At the excellent advice from our friend Poppy, who completed a massive ride last year, top of our next shopping list is going to be ‘chamois cream’, for some err.. relief on the undercarriage...

All the support and interest everyone has been showing genuinely gives us a massive boost, so thanks to you all. We are still putting together some footage of our training and antics so far, so we will post that up as soon as it possible for your amusement...

Well that's it for the time being, but thanks again for all your support and keep looking out for updates on the Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

As always if you can think of anyone who might be able to help us out in any way, shape or form, please do let us know or pass on our details.

Many thanks for reading and until next time,

Team SSS

P.S. The fish and chips were worth it!

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