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March Update

So here we are with the next blog update. Is scary to think it has already been a month since our last big update (apologies not done one sooner, we will be doing these more regularly in the future). Time really does fly, especially with everything we are trying to cram into the days at the moment. Work has been pretty full on for the both of us and trying to squeeze in training/responding to potential sponsors/updating the website etc.. has been difficult, but we continue to chug along. Got to keep thinking about it one day at a time and as long as each day we get a tiny bit closer towards our goal, we are moving in the right direction.

So what have we been up to in the last month or so, well:

  • We now look cool: Thanks to the guys over at SunGod ( who kindly sent across some awesome sun glasses as well as a couple caps for the team. So whatever silly situation we get ourselves into at least we will look good doing it!

  • We have a few more friend: We are now up to 250 likes on Facebook and over 100 followers on twitter which is pretty awesome!

  • But we can do better so make sure you spread the word to anyone and everyone you know!!

  • We have a very big name following us: We are now being followed by the one and only Sean Conway on twitter which is exceptionally cool. If you check out his website ( you can see some crazy stuff he has done in the past, truly inspirational dude:

  • We in fact saw Sean do a talk last year about his swim, which got us both so overly excited about doing our own sort of challenge. So in some small way I think we can blame him for the "mess" we have gotten ourselves in with the whole Saddle Sand Sea adventure. At least now he can be updated first hand of it all

  • We are in another paper: We continue to work on generating press which is going well and have managed to make the Surrey Advertiser! This is great as helps increase exposure for what we are doing and hopefully highlight to potential sponsors that we are serious in getting out there and really raising some serious money for our charities.

Well that's it for the time being, but we hope you continue to follow us and keep looking out for updates on the Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

As always if you can think of anyone who might be able to help us out in any way, shape or form, please do let us know or pass on our details.

Many thanks for reading and until next time,

Team SSS

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